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Harold William Gerodforth the III was born on his families estate in Derbyshire in 1878 February the 7th. Coincidently the same date that Pope Pius the 9th died after his 32 year reign.. Very well to do parents owning vast amounts of real estate, including Park Hall Manor which was later sold as Park Hall Manor for a princely sum ( see below) and several holiday houses in London.

Upon insistence from his father Harold William Gerodforth II, after several years of doing absolutely nothing and a few indiscressions with local housewives, Harold joined the army, in 1898 at the age of 20. He was immediately transferred to Bombay India. He was responsible for a number of questionable shootings during the famous 1899-1900 Indian famine during what was described as food riots.

He was returned to England in 1901 where it was requested that he leave Her Majesty’s army.

In 1902, his father died leaving massive gambling debts. Much of the family estate was sold and debtors paid off. His mother also died during the process ( some said that the shame killed her) . He did managed to retain a small house in London between Queens Park and Paddington cemetery and a few thousand pounds.

Harold went to university where he found that sex and killing wasn’t all he was good for. He was awarded a joint degree in Criminology/ Law in 1905 at the top of his class from the Royal Holloway College at the University of London. He immediately took up a post at Scotland Yard.

While there he was awarded a pHd for his work questioning the evolutionary basis for crime and the role that sociological and mental deviance also played in criminal deviance. His doctoral thesis was entitled ‘Is that all Charles Darwin?: Social and Mental Deviance in Crime.’

In 1908 was involved with the Metropolitan police on the Tottenham Outrage. This apparently instantaneous affair had less than savoury beginnings according to some. Rather than being injured in the hail of bullets fired by the Latvian immigrants Harold was in fact injured by a sabre slash which blinded his left eye. It was widely whispered that Harold was following a cult lead immediately prior to the injury, although this was never confirmed, In fact Harold was directed by his superiors not to speak of it again. For his silence and compliance Harold is still used as a paid consultant with Scotland Yard and the Metropolitan police.

Maps of Derbyshire.

Steve's Character England-hotels-derbyshire-map
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Evam Church
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Park Hall Manor
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Indian Famine 1899-1900

Location of Harolds house

Royal Holloway College,_University_of_London

Tottenham Outrage.

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